Friday, February 17, 2012

My Worst Public Experience

I have been terribly sick over the last 18 hours or so, due to (I think) food poisoning from bad chicken wings I ate at Rally's. I had them for lunch yesterday--an order of five, but I only ate three--and around 4:30, I started to feel really sick.

At 5:30, I went with Deacon to his grandma's house because yesterday was her 75th birthday. I couldn't eat anything. The thought of food made me (and still makes me) nauseous. So I sat there until Deacon and I had to leave about 6:20. He's in Swing Choir and they were supposed to sing the National Anthem at the Girls' Basketball game.

So we went to the high school--my first time back in months. I love going to our basketball games, and I saw a lot of people that I hadn't seen in awhile. It was pretty great. The choir sang at 7:00, and they were spectacular, but by then I felt terrible and left with Deacon promptly. I asked him if we could go out the nearest door instead of the door we came in (I'm not sure why I had this impulse, but thank goodness I did) and so we walked towards the car.

We were halfway there and I remember telling him, a little lightly, "I feel like I could puke at any moment." After I said that, I walked a few more steps before I felt it in my stomach--the uneasiness. I stopped and moved to the right off the sidewalk, at a little grass area next to the road, and tried to tell myself I could get through it. Then I felt a salty feeling in my throat, and I knew I had no choice. It was happening right there and then.

I held my hair, squatted, and got sick in the grass. Deacon came up next to me and held my hair and I proceeded to get sick at least four more rounds. Not only was it the worst throwing up experience I've ever had (it seemed like it was never going to end) but it was the first time I had ever gotten sick in public. People were passing by, staring at me, slowing down and then speeding up. Nobody stopped to see if I was okay.

I was absolutely humiliated.

Deacon drove me home and while laying in bed, I started to get a fever. I had absolutely no strength to me whatsoever. I hadn't eaten anything besides those wings (and still haven't) and couldn't even stand thinking about eating again. Deacon, bless him, went and got me fluids and took my temperature and made sure I was okay. At first, we started to study for a big Biology test we had today, but then I realized I didn't have the strength for it.

After he went home, I got sick two more times--around 11:40 PM and then at 4:30 AM. I emailed my teachers to tell them I wouldn't make it. I have broken blood vessels around my eyes from heaving; I am sore from having to throw up so many times; I am so unbelievably weak.

This whole experience has been so humiliating, so embarrassing. I usually never get sick, and Deacon has never seen me in such a state. It has been truly awful.

I'm starting to feel a little better now, but please pray for me.


P.S. I also got lost today, so I get to mark that off of my Bucket List.

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  1. I am so sorry Emily :( :( I will be praying for you <3