Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V-Day and etc.

This will be a little lengthy post. I think I have a lot to say. Catch up, bad poetry, the works. Thus, my main points shall be with bullets.
  • Deacon and I went to see The Vow on Saturday afternoon. Report: it was pretty good, but not as happy as I thought it would be. I would explain further, but I know some of you haven't yet seen it and I don't want to give anything away! It also would have been a lot better if we had not been sitting directly behind a Channing Tatum preteen fanclub that kept screaming out comments in the middle of silent scenes.
  • Today (technically, yesterday) is my sister Karlee's birthday. She is twenty-three. Congratulations, big sister!
  • Today (technically, today) is Valentine's day. I have the best valentine. I write him really cheesy poems because I am his first valentine and want him to experience the cheesiness of the holiday. I will share some of these later.
  • It is snowing and I am drinking hot chocolate.
  • My first class is cancelled for tomorrow, but I still have to go to my second, which happens to be my least favorite class. Sometimes life isn't fair.
  • Deacon cannot fathom that Channing Tatum's real name is, in fact, Channing Tatum.
  • For my sister's birthday, we had the four of us + Deacon over, sat down at the dinner table and ate steak, and then played Trivial Pursuit. Karlee and Dad teamed up and beat Deacon and I, but it was a pretty close game. It was a great night. =)
  • Bad poetry time!

(sent to Deacon about an hour ago, written completely on the spot):

Love of mine, love of mine,
whilst thou be my Valentine?
Oh what joys and grace of thine
and paradise within heaven divine,
if thou should be my Valentine.

-(he says yes)-

Be still my soul, he doth agree!
Despair and grief, depart from me!
For he, this day, says he will be
the companion of his dear Emily!


(and this was written yesterday (technically, Sunday) before church started):

And I remember being there--
how is it words could be so silent
          but still say so much?
You took my hand--foreign, then--
          and with the other, navigated through the night.
And I remember having weight upon me--
pressure forcing in from all directions
as though I was wasted aluminum
          aimed at a trashcan.
But you unraveled my foiled heart
          with your foreign hand.
And you were always there,
and there, you will remain.


That's all for now! I must get back to my homework, since it's still due tomorrow. Sigh.