Monday, February 6, 2012

Where I Live

In my Creative Nonfiction class, we recently read two excerpts by Nora Ephron from her book, I Feel Bad About My Neck. Our assignment was to choose one and mimic her style. I chose "Where I Live."

I kind of liked it, so I thought I would add it to my blog. =)

Where I Live

1. I live in my town. It has its ups and downs—literally, there are hills everywhere. I also live in the next town over, which is three blocks away. It has a lot of hills too. There really isn’t much difference between the two, except that if my house was three blocks away I would have gone to a different school. I probably still would have lived on a hill, though.

2. I live in classrooms. I have done this since the ripe age of five and I have not stopped since. My favorite classrooms are the ones with windows. If they don’t have windows, I start to feel like I’m suffocating and have to take my mind off of the words the teacher is filling the room with. I am an auditory learner, but it works best if I’m focusing on something random while listening to the lecture. Without windows, I’m forced to pay attention to the teacher, who probably thinks I’m finally learning something when all the while I’m just trying to breathe through his words. 

3. I live at Little Caesars. I got the job because my sister works there, too, and my dad told my boss, Ron, he could hire me when I turned sixteen. That was three years ago. I’m a manager now. My sister is, too. I’m faster than her at making pizzas and she’s faster than me at cutting them when they come out of the oven. Some people would say it’s a blessing that we get to work together, some people might call us a team, but all I know is that I’m Ron’s favorite.

4. I live in my room. It’s about the size of a celebrity’s walk-in closet. It has all of my essentials: books, movies, desktop, laptop, space heater, stereo, pictures, candles, clothes, and shoes. I tapped into my inner artist while decorating the walls. My mom painted them this horrible puke green color when it was turned into her office during the brief year that I decided to live in the basement. After encountering too many spiders, I decided to relocate back upstairs. I didn’t want to repaint the room after all the work my mom put in to change it the nasty color, so I covered it in memories instead. Every time I get a postcard, or an important document, ticket stub, etc., it goes to my wall. My mom’s office was relocated to the basement. She never goes down there—I guess the spiders are still thriving.

5. I live in my bed. This is where you will most likely find me. I like to sleep under five layers of blankets. This is because my room gets cold and the space heater does not help much. I like to sleep an average of seven hours a night, which is hard to do with school, work, and then homework. To make up for lost sleep, I successfully squeeze in a nap every day, ranging from a half hour to four hours. I even have a purple Hello Kitty alarm clock that I’ve had since I was ten. It was a gift from my mom—a much better decision than the puke green walls. This makes me an all-around happier person. I guess my nap time could be spent doing my homework instead, but then I wouldn’t get to use my purple Hello Kitty alarm clock. In fact, I think I might go cuddle under my blankets shortly. It’s pretty chilly in here, after all.