Saturday, April 21, 2012


We've been covering haiku lately in my poetry class, so it seems like that's all I can really get myself to write at the moment, haha. Here are some contemporary ones I've written over the past week:

The room falls silent--
it wasn't me, but death
has snatched up someone.


Mass distribution;
a punishment for success,
reward for the poor.


It is where my misery lies;
a concave avenue
without a reference point.


I'm on my own, I'm told, though I
once was told the otherwise.
Now I trust not words, but eyes.


Sorry I haven't posted hardly anything this month. School has been really demanding this semester. Luckily, it's nearly over.

Speaking of my poetry class, I had to read this book of contemporary poetry and chose After by Jane Hirshfield, and it ended up being pretty good. It was like $10 as an ebook on Amazon.