Friday, May 11, 2012

Cupcake, anyone?

Well, I'm sad that Picnik is gone from its original location, because though I was totally against it for the majority of its duration, I started using it last year and kind of got attached. It isn't gone forever, though--it has been moved to Google+, which would be great if I actually used my Google+ account. The upside is that if I upload a picture on Google+, edit it, and then go to my Picasa Web Albums on Blogger, the edited picture is right there.

Google truly does rule the internet, I'm starting to realize.
The above picture was edited entirely on Google+, and I think it turned out alright. Maybe Picnik's move will encourage me to use it more?

Maybe not. I'm already on enough social networking sites as it is!

Oh!--And thank you to everyone who has been praying that my finals go by well, because so far they are! I'm officially done forever with American Political Systems, Poetry and the Human Experience, Creative Nonfiction, and Wellness Center (ha!)--all finished with A's! ANNND I currently have a 92.3% in my American Literature class--that's including the Final Paper and Final that I took yesterday, which was completely terrible and stressful, but I did really well on--all I have left are two more discussion posts, and done forever! The posts are due by I'm going to start on them after I'm done here, I promise. =)

The only thing left to do is take my Biology final on Monday. I have a 93% in that class right now so I'm not too concerned, but I have definitely scheduled myself to study Sunday afternoon.

Also, I could only sell back one book this semester, which was kind of a bummer. I was really hoping on getting about $80 off of my Bio book, but they are changing editions next year. I got $44 off of my Creative Nonfiction book, though. Whoo-hoo!

Anyway, I'm off to do my final homework in Lit, and then I'll probably edit some pre-prom pictures of the beautiful Mikayla and Jeremiah.