Monday, June 4, 2012


What is this gravity I see
between the sheets, the air, and me?
Your blood, I sense, runs through my veins,
twisting, turning, boiling--flames
and steam that charge the mist-filled air--
electricity catches with a snare
and reels them in--they clutch my skin
with fists and palms and vapor's grin--
they take from me my dignity,
but with my open-ended apathy,
I stand still. Do what they will,
for your power alone could before distill
this wretched rain--but you were slain
by misery's hand and I became
the attracted one; the earthly sun;
pulling everything, though possessing none
but your memory--your mighty name--
and I, the minuscule, rise up in shame.
They've taken me by gravity
and created in me a cavity
that desperately wishes to call something dear,
but when all draws closer, they soon disappear.

Just a poem that came to me a little while ago while taking a shower. I think it's been building up in my mind for awhile, searching for a way out.

Also, I just came from the movie Snow White and the Huntsman and it was pretty good. It also had a trailer for the new Les Miserables movie, which I'm really excited about.

Summer classes started today, and they were fine but I have a bit of homework to do now.