Friday, June 22, 2012

Swimming, Soaring

taken my freshman year of high school
You sail above with flying machines
like a god expanding power,
searching for a further reign
among the skies. And as you fly,
you peek below—and us, an anthill
of swarming, bothersome, powerless bugs.

I’ll match your skies with oceans and depth:
immerse myself in the salty sea,
weightless, carried, flying, free
to soar, explore, beneath the surface—
and peeking above—nothing but light
passing through like a kaleidoscope.

And as we fly in our separate ways,
my lungs run dry—gasp for breath—
inhale, engulf the liquid salt
as your air grows sweeter above the sea.
I cannot breathe—too dark to see—
to darkness I sink; to dreams you soar.