Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Knock Knock!

Who's there?
Surely not Emily, right?
She's left us forever, right?

Well...I am here to say wrong! It is I, the great and magnificent Emily, here to proclaim to you all what these past few weeks have held for me.

I mostly haven't posted in eons because: 1) I was preparing to leave for college. 2) I was spending any excess time with my friends and family. 3) New Student Orientation (NSO) is actually a lot like church camp here, and they pretty much have every minute of the day accounted for.

But the school days have now started as of today, which you would think means I have LESS free time when it actually means, at least for now, that I have MORE. Yay!

But I am not here to discuss college and dorm rooms and new friends and all of that. In fact, I will reserve all of that for another post later today or so. THIS post is to give you snippets and catch-ups on things that I didn't get to talk about while they happened. And such.

It's pretty much a catch-all random post. But aren't they all, if I'm being honest?

1. Many of the kitties have new homes--in fact, I'm not 100% which ones right now--and I miss them!

2. Deacon and I took a trip to Elephant Rocks awhile back. (I actually drove. Yay!) There are many more pictures of this to come at a later date.

3. I got my hair cut!

4. Deacon and I celebrated our one year anniversary!

Also, I seem to have contracted some sort of sickness like bronchitis, which is really unfortunate when you first move to a new place. So pray for me, pretty please. First impressions and everything, haha.

Love you all.