Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Before // After--Marching Band

I went back home this past weekend so I could attend the marching band competition that Deacon was competing in. It was a great day for the festival! Before Central went on to perform, I broke out my camera on the band before them for practice photos.

That is when I took this:

Pretty average photo. As I'm sure you have heard me say before, I don't have a zoom lens--which is really disheartening for me because I love zoom, but there's not much to do about it, haha. Anyway, as soon as I saw this picture, I instantly had an image in my mind of how I would edit it. I was so excited!

So, here's what I did:

  • I took it to Picmonkey.
  • Cropped to highlight the center Colorguard and to take out the track, judge, extra space, etc., but still left some band members in formation behind her.
  • Sharpened the image.
  • Took it to Curves--> Daguerreotype "Plumbe," I believe, with the color override at 75%. 
  • Still on the option above, I painted over the colorguard's flag and clothes with the "Original" option, but only at 40%. We don't want her to stand out too much.
  • I then added just minor effects, like a little bit of "Orton" and a little bit of "Dark Edges."
I just love the elegance that the guard has in this photo. My only regret is that this picture is not of the band I went to see! But isn't that how it always works out?


The Difference of Falling

Such a way; with obedience,
I swear, was I led to this?
Take a piece of me if you may,
but the crumbs are diminishing today,
and personally, I doubt they will survive
longer than a fortnight. I've
had an image build up within my skull:
though I walk in the midst of a soundless lull,
though my path appears simply straightforward,
a haze is near, driving shoreward,
and I see a figure covered with gulls
with bloodstains for eyes, a perch for a skull,
half-devoured fingers mixed with the sand
as if caught baking brownies with the severed hand,
patches of flesh missing—carried away
so chicks could grow strong from this buffet—
my face not of terror, but of utter acceptance
of my perilous fate. I died from the difference
of a piece here and there, like plucking a hair
one by one until I am abruptly aware
that my body is gone—my soul has slipped through
the exposed cavities—goodbye, adieu
and then consciousness, too, dissolves from me.
Though this is an image from the above amputee—
I am no more decayed than the nearby shore,
with seeds from the Devil passed through my core,
but today I resist, today I will stand
solemnly on truth not sunken in sand,
that I am loved by another that is completely committed
to seeing me whole, not partially fitted
with him by my pieces, but instead, equally
balanced and symmetric, made peaceably
and complimentary—we’re wound together.
And I’m sorry that I expected a malicious endeavor—
I never knew I could be half of a whole such as this,
I assumed before long you would call a quick quits,
but my love keeps me striving—I’m alive and I’m well
despite the Devil emerging from Hell
to ensnare me in doubt and feast on my hope;
entangled, enticed down a slippery slope,
but I found a way out—a way back to your side.
I’ll never be lonely, nor travel beside
anyone other than you, I swear
that you and I shall become a mixed pair
just as the design had always intended to be;
you and I walking along the coast of the sea,
with gulls fishing and diving, sand in our shoes,
older now still, but still able to choose
the other each day—offer you pieces
though you have the whole. It never decreases,
and I have you—whole, in every fashion
that love can exist in. And even my passion
has grown over time. Yes, you are mine—
mine, and I’m yours—and we, intertwine.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Currently: Pop-tart Obsessed

Owls! I was thinking of things to decorate my room with.
This was in the process of making something to hang on my door. I'll post the finished product soon!

Just a few random pictures and some updates.

  • It has been made apparent that I am addicted to Cookie Dough Pop-tarts.
  • I spent a great deal of time a few nights ago trying to draw owls. I'd like to think they turned out alright...but through the process I have learned that God did not make me an artist.
  • Dylan made me go to a volleyball game with him and I had a blast! Reminded me of back in high school, taking pictures for the yearbook. Unfortunately I don't have a zoom lens, so the pictures aren't fantastic, but I still had fun.
  • This week is TWIRP Week, meaning there are a lot of cool events that girls are supposed to invite guys to. Having a boyfriend back home, I am not planning on asking anyone, but I'm still really excited for the events. Tonight is bowling!
  • I'm eating my last Pop-tart and will have to make a Walmart-run very soon.
  • This week is going to be outrageous with homework. Yay, college.
  • I ate lamb for the first time last week. I'm still not sure if I liked it.
  • Today is Constitution Day.
  • Um, I had other important things to say, but honestly can't think of anything right now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Edit Me!

Edit Me
I was so excited to see an Edit Me this week! It's been so long.

I really tried to do a simple, dreamy edit and focus on the colors. I wanted to highlight their natural beauty and not make it look too fake. My "simple" edit ended up being a little more extensive than I had hoped, but I think I led to a good outcome. =) Here are the steps.


Took it to PicMonkey.

--Cloned purple-ish tub thing out

I then decided to focus on the color of the sky, so:
--Curves-->"Blue-Yellow" at 35% color override and 65% Fade
--Cross Process Red at 70% Fade

Then wanted to focus on the color of the shore, (I didn't like the dark, bluish color) so:
--Tint-->light beige color, applied to all except the sky, 40% Fade

I still was unsatisfied with the color of the water, so:
--Tint-->very blue, applied to water, 70% Fade

Now for the added effects to give a soft, magical feel:
--Orton-->100% Bloom, Brightness down a bit, 85% Fade
--Dark Edges-->100% Size, 0% Intensity, 70% Fade
--Exposure and Contrast kicked down just a little
--still not quite satisfied, I went back to Curves--> "Daguerreotype Shiro" 0% color override, 75% Fade

And there you have it!



Monday, September 10, 2012

At a Crossroads

When, in time, it becomes too much,
I may return here. Face to face
with she that once sought to know me.
The hour closes. We're set to turn
in opposite ways, but our paths have met,
and now we face. I clasp her forearms
lightly with my numbed fingertips, as if
her radiant warmth could bring life to them.
The background is gone. Faded from light
as I stare at her, and she straight back.
I've hidden this longing deep with my soul—
that I might catch her and share the world,
just her and I, just here and now,
just in this departed moment of time.
It’s true—she’ll return to her familiar embrace
and I, too, have someone waiting for me—
but at a separate time, it would have been her.
It should have been her, and right now, it’s her.
She closes her eyes, her hands slither to mine,
and I draw closer. My organs are churning—
I have so desperately desired this kiss—
but I cannot. She knows it, too,
and swiftly moves away towards her rightful place.
Our hands still locked, our arms outstretched,
I find her again over my shoulder.
Her eyes are lachrymose—as if she has never
been contorted by such strong confines.
We’re pulled two ways. Gradually, our fingers slide
apart and collapse like a displaced avalanche.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

I guess I miss/ed you.

I cannot change what will happen to you.
All I can do is love you.

I knew that I couldn't bring you with me.
I never expected to. In fact, I--rather unconsciously--
made the decision long ago
to fall away.
To gently slip a step away each day
and go my separate way. But I
never anticipated the hold that memories have
that people do not.
They haunt.
They prowl.
They bring me back to you all the time.

Somehow, I've managed to bring you with me,
though agonizingly so.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pencil Holder Craft

This week, I realized that I have way too many pens and pencils to keep in the little zip-lock pencil holder in my backpack. I don't have this problem back home, because my desk there has a built-in pencil holder. So, I decided that since I had a lot of spare time today, I was going to make my own!

Step one: quick trip to Walmart to get black and white pipe cleaners (my room is kind in a zebra-print / purple / Paris theme), glue, rainbow puff balls, a simple black pencil holder, and a lot of other stuff not needed for this craft!

PhotobucketStep two: wind black and white pipe cleaners together to get that zebra feel. I did most of mine the same direction, but switched it up two or three times to give a more "wild" pattern.

Step three: tie around the pencil holder. I had to glue the bottom and top one of mine so that they didn't slip off the end. I didn't glue the rest of them so I could slide them around and change the pattern how I wanted.

Step four: decorate! I glued five purple puff balls around the rim just for a little dazzle. =)

Step five: add pens / pencils / markers!

And there you have it. =) A beautiful desk accessory and a fun way to spend a free afternoon!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Before // After--Couple Portrait

The Nose-Licker

You will not believe how insanely difficult it was for me to make that GIF. The internet is not on my side today.

So before I left, Deacon and I took a photoshoot. I haven't finished editing all of them yet, but you will most definitely see them soon. I just wanted to do a before/after post over one of them that I think turned out pretty well.

So, most of the pictures we took looked a lot a like. I basically set up my tripod and had my camera take five pictures at a time. I don't have a remote (Christmas, anyone?) so I had to go back and forth the hard way. And Deacon, bless his heart, is not so good with standing there during all of it. There's about a million other places he'd rather be. But he tries so hard for me, which is all I could really ask for.

Anyway, I've been doing most of my editing on Photomonkey recently (Photoshop for Christmas, anyone?) and that's where I took this. First, I cropped because I did not enjoy how my legs looked in this picture. Plus I like the intimacy of closeups.

Can't remember a whole lot of what I did, but I think I went to Curves and did the blue-yellow option to the background only, did Orton ish (Bloom about 75% or so, fade around 65%), did a little of "Urbane," and then wasn't satisfied with the color, so I took it to "Tint" and applied a purplish hue under "Darker" to the background only.

I wish I would have written these steps down as I went, because these are all just guesses, really!

Anyway, the finished product:


Last Bits of Summer.

Hey! So, all of my friends went home this weekend (I missed the memo--what else is new?) and I've been trying to keep myself busy...ahem. Really, I had planned to spend the weekend finishing The Hobbit, reading the biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine, decorating my dorm room, and getting a head start on some upcoming homework.

Instead, as you might have guessed, I have spent the last couple hours working on pictures (and playing FreeCell, but that's a different story). If you remember, I mentioned going to Elephant Rocks about a month ago--well, I finally have the pictures. Whoo!

It seems like forever ago. It was pre-haircut, even. But they're cute pictures, and definitely worth the wait.











Thursday, September 6, 2012

that you would actually do it.

Reality check. I've been here, I'm--
well, that's just it, isn't it?

I've never had such a powerful sadness that
stored itself within the cracks and crevices
somewhere inside me. Sometimes, I don't even
notice it anymore. It seems  to dissolve or soak
deeper within. But all of a sudden, it'll leak again.
Bubble up, rise against all barriers. My throat will catch--
my shoulders fall--my stomach knots--
and I miss you.

The thing about crying over the dead
is that nobody sees you, not even them.

I doubt this sadness, if that name is even accurate,
will ever fully dissipate.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Devil's Snare

You say, "a year or two ago,"
but I know it has been much longer.
Though you may not realize such, my dear,
something happened during that span
that has caused our lives to halt completely.

We used to run around frivolously
with Time moseying about in his bathrobe.
We would pretend, play make-believe,
play dress-up and be adults one day,
adventurers the next, athletes and artists--
constantly morphing and developing our lives
without the littlest concern of the moment.

That day our feet caught to the floor
and we were permanently stuck in our costumes--
students, lovers, a poet, a thinker--
and Time decided to put his tie on.
Our feet were snagged from that point on,
the inertia of the moment taking our breath,
and the unexpected snapping at our heels
like a mouse caught red-handed in a trap.

Do you think in his last few dying moments
during the descent of his executioner,
the mouse is surrounded by the smell of his cheese?
I like to think so--but deep down, I know
that the snap of his neck, the fright in his eyes,
the realization he was only an inch from his prize,
dominates his every thought and sense.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Coming Home

I'm home. Sweet home--
we call it--last
in line to order
and journey past
the thorns and storms
beneath the wind
and hold they had.
I'm here at last
to serve, to honor,
to be a friend,
to love another
and then extend
a tight embrace--
though welcome, yes--
but then a fault
found in a friend.
Several things
we should address,
but it's not time--
do not confess
your doubts in me,
your sheer protests,
in such small time
we have--now, less.
I assure you, I've
been rather blessed
in my departure.
And dear, unless
you intend to bind me,
hold, suppress,
I must ask you
to not express
your concerns right now.
Instead, recast
your eyes on me
than on distress.
Do this for me
please, I ask,
and I will not act
as one harassed,
but rather, love you

I am home now--
home, at last.