Friday, September 7, 2012

Before // After--Couple Portrait

The Nose-Licker

You will not believe how insanely difficult it was for me to make that GIF. The internet is not on my side today.

So before I left, Deacon and I took a photoshoot. I haven't finished editing all of them yet, but you will most definitely see them soon. I just wanted to do a before/after post over one of them that I think turned out pretty well.

So, most of the pictures we took looked a lot a like. I basically set up my tripod and had my camera take five pictures at a time. I don't have a remote (Christmas, anyone?) so I had to go back and forth the hard way. And Deacon, bless his heart, is not so good with standing there during all of it. There's about a million other places he'd rather be. But he tries so hard for me, which is all I could really ask for.

Anyway, I've been doing most of my editing on Photomonkey recently (Photoshop for Christmas, anyone?) and that's where I took this. First, I cropped because I did not enjoy how my legs looked in this picture. Plus I like the intimacy of closeups.

Can't remember a whole lot of what I did, but I think I went to Curves and did the blue-yellow option to the background only, did Orton ish (Bloom about 75% or so, fade around 65%), did a little of "Urbane," and then wasn't satisfied with the color, so I took it to "Tint" and applied a purplish hue under "Darker" to the background only.

I wish I would have written these steps down as I went, because these are all just guesses, really!

Anyway, the finished product:


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