Monday, October 8, 2012

A Chilled Afternoon

But then you saw this lonely heart--a girl with static, scowls, and seasons--
and climbed in that battered automobile--tires considerably worn--
drove faster than permissible, racing the sun, to grasp a few seconds
in her coated arms, empty for such a long while. Spent the day
taming her enthusiasm; soothing her loneliness; seeing the town
where she lives now. It was both chilled and cozy, with wind
that led the way and chapped your lips, but you persisted
and held her hands--buried deep in thick, furry gloves. Then she
looked at you, strings of hair streaked across her forehead,
and you felt it--the warmth of the evening, generated somewhere
between you. And in that moment,
yes, in that precise moment,
there were not two hearts, but one.