Saturday, November 10, 2012

NaNoWriMo Excerpt: Chapter Five...PLUS A PLAYLIST.

I was searching through chapter five for a suitable excerpt, but couldn't really find one that I thought worked except for this, which is at the very end.

So I think this is all you're going to get from Chapter Five, but I hope you still like it.

They were back in the passenger car, a place that Riley was inwardly beginning to despise. This time, however, as she sat next to the phenomenal little girl, she had a whole new level of both respect and pity for her and the short life she had suffered.
She had thought that losing her parents was the worst thing imaginable—in reality, it had only been the beginning.
It could have been me, she knew. She had always thought living with Jonathan was less than desirable, but compared to Shanely’s memories, that run-down mansion was a palace.
It was perfectly clear now why Shanely had been terrified the night before—the voice she heard, the aggressive one that called to her from behind the door, had belonged to the same man that locked her in the closet. It was a projection of her memory, but made so that it was real, it was physical, and it was terrorizing the little girl every single night.
“I’m going to help you,” Riley said, her voice sounding slightly obscure. She watched the ground as the Ferris wheel moved them towards the topmost point and over again. A second later, she added more solemnly, “I’m going to help all of you.”

I did string together my own playlist to play during writing. Each of the songs either relate to or remind me of the story, inspire me in some way or another, or are just too good to leave out.

I will probably continue to add to it, as well.


P.S. My goal is to get to 25,000 words (halfway!) by sometime tomorrow. =)