Thursday, December 20, 2012

A few lists of things in no particular order and for no particular reason.

Things I like about the Christmas season:
--stockings hanging over our fireplace
--fire in the fireplace
--knee-high socks
--hot chocolate
--the story of the birth of Jesus
--cookies everywhere I go
--movie premieres
--seeing all my friends and family again
--watching Little Women with my family on Christmas Eve
--hiding presents from my family
--Santa hats
--relient K's Christmas album
--ripping open presents on Christmas morning
--humming Christmas carols 

Things I like in general:
--hot baths
--iced tea

Things on my mind right now:
--Deacon's choir concert in half an hour
--washing my laundry
--my subconscious
--The Perks of Being a Wallflower
--having to work during the Alpacalypse
--what kind of noise alpacas make
--Isaac Newton
--the TV show Merlin

Things I Ate Today:
--an orange
--chicken tenders
--sweet tea

=) Have a happy weekend!