Saturday, January 26, 2013

Enough to make me smile.


This is a sequence of photographs I took over Thanksgiving Break (I know, it was forever ago, and I still haven't posted all of the photos) of Dad playing with Romeo.

It just makes me so happy whenever I look at them. They're the men of the house, and I love them both.

"Roll Over"
"Sit Pretty"

I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weekend. Most of my friends left, so I have been in my room crammed behind books, writing in my journal, and having very lengthy phonecalls/text chats/Skype conversations with my family and Deacon back home.

It's been pleasant.

That's one thing about me--I'm not afraid of alone-time. In fact, I crave it. I loved being able to finish Half-Blood Prince last night, finish my assigned reading from the Prose Edda today, and I plan on finishing Henry James' The Turn of the Screw by Monday (or, if things go well, by tonight).

I feel like I will only be granted this free time for only a short fragment of my life, so I best take advantage of it.

I do kind of wish I had gone home, though. I miss everyone.
But I have my blinds open now so I can see the woods outside, and if I stare at them for long enough, I can almost convince myself that I'm staring outside my window at home, looking into the woods behind my house.


P.S. I had to draw a floor plan of my house for Spanish and I think it came out much better than when I had to drawn one in high school.

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