Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Favorite Movie Moments

I was reading this blog post earlier, which got me wondering about my favorite movie scenes, which I had never really pondered before. So I'm going to make a list of particular scenes that I love, in no particular order. The movies they are from may not be on my list of favorites, but the scenes have some kind of profound effect on me.

--Tommy's Scream in Never Let Me Go
can be seen here starting a minute into the video:

--Hiccup touches Toothless in How To Train Your Dragon
can be seen here staring about two minutes in

--the rain scene in Pride & Prejudice
the whole scene can be seen here 

--Neytiri shoots the arrow at Quarich in Avatar
I couldn't find a video for this scene, but here is some wicked acting from Zoe Saldana:

--Ivy finds Lucius in The Village
I love the whole scene of her traveling to his house and finding him on the floor, but I particularly love her sob when her father pulls her away, which can be seen starting at 1:25 in this video:

--The Ending of August Rush
all of it. A little far-fetched, but it just comes together so perfectly. I remember going crazy when I first saw this in theaters.

--When Christian turns back and sings to Satine during the finale of Moulin Rouge!
no video for this one, but here's the audio:

--Albert and Joey reunite in War Horse
I couldn't find a clip or picture for this, but this is afterwards:

--The ending of Homeward Bound
I seriously just cried watching this again.

--all of the speeches in Good Will Hunting
Here's one of them, but there are a lot of others throughout the movie.

--Eduardo rage in The Social Network
Andrew Garfield again. But seriously, this is such a great scene.

--Pocahontas saves John Smith in Disney's Pocahontas
not historically accurate at all, but a beautiful moment for Disney

--Farewell in Pocahontas
while we're on the subject, can anything be better than this final wave?

--Shane starts singing at the end of Camp Rock
It's just a perfect moment when he realizes that she's the one he's been looking for all along. Start this video about a minute in.

--Eugene's story in Pay It Forward
Kevin Spacey is just fabulous in this scene. This whole movie is just great.

--"You were the chosen one!" from Revenge of the Sith
the whole battle scene is pretty great, but this moment starts about 6:30

--When Link starts dancing with Tracy at the end of Hairspray
It's such a cute moment.

--The truth about Severus Snape
especially the scene starting at 2:50.

Honorable Mention:
--The entirety of Les Miserables
I've only seen this movie twice so it's hard to pinpoint a particular part that fits this list. But I mean, come on.  Anne Hathaway's "I Dreamed a Dream"

I'm pretty sure there are more. I will probably add them to this list whenever I think of them.
Do you have any favorite movie moments?


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    1. I LOVE the ending to August Rush. What a great movie. I also love Good Will Hunting. You have great movie taste my friend. Hope you're having a great Wednesday :)