Monday, February 11, 2013

Favorite Quotations

I'm taking these off of my Facebook profile because they're all from high school and don't really apply anymore, but they've been on my account for as long as I can remember and I didn't want to just delete them. So I'm posting them here for safe keeping.


"She's webbed."
- Mrs. Fletcher, 2.18.09

"In fact, I'm gonna eat him."
- Plymouth, 3.20.09

Emily: That is my goal in life.
Jenna: To be killed by natives?
- 4.15.09

"Gotta look up Hornbuckle."
- Mrs. Fletcher, 4.15.09

"Emily, get real."
- Tyler, 4.22.09

"So now I'm the leader of the Horse People."
- Mr. Martin, 5.5.09

Jermaine: It's always excuses with you. Who goes to an odd number, anyway?
Mr. Redecker: ...Ten is an even number.
- 6.24.09

"Patience, my young Padawan."
- Stephanie, 7.24.09

"She's so determined to figure out who Tobey Yum Yum is."
- Karlee, 8.13.09

"So if you can't swim and you know you can't swim, get a calculator."
- Mr. Petty, 8.25.09
Aristotle: What kind of a name is Avogadro?
Mrs. Chapman: Well, it's kind of like ARISTOTLE.
- 9.21.09

"Miley Cyrus is my kryptonite."
- Mr. Christopher, 9.24.09

Mr. Petty: So when do you eat ice cream?
Student: On a boat.
- 10.5.09

"Not everything in life will be given to you in moles."
- Mrs. Chapman (aka "Cougar"), 10.21.09

"I'm comfortable enough in my manhood to wear these underpants."
- Lauren Smith, 10.24.09

Mrs. Chapman: You scared the crap outta me!
Landon: I thought it was pee?
Mrs. Chapman: Both. It was a messy day.
- 11.??.09

"Now, here's some string. Start making us shoes."
- Mr. Toney, 11.18.09

"I'm kind of worried about my sanity today."
- Mrs. Chapman, 11.??.09

"You can trust us; we're the Germans."
-Mr. Toney, 11.23.09

"You never know when you might need a shady spoon."
- Allison Lucas, 12.24.09

"If I had a bra, I'd take it off!"
- Karlee, 12.26.09

"The Amish people are staring at us!"
- Jenna, 1.5.10

"If I used John Smith (by the way, he's a popular author) and his book "I Hate Kites," then I would say, "John Smith, in his legendary book 'I Hate Kites,' says, '...blah blah blah, kites are stupid.'"
- Mr Noble, 4.14.10



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  1. I've visited this blog a few times and I always love reading it. I love going back and readind old FB posts :)