Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A list of things going on in my head right now.

a very stream-of-consciousness list.
  • I haven't posted in at least two weeks. Yeah, sorry about that.
  • My iTunes is not playing correctly.
  • I have no excuse as to why I have not posted in so long, seeing as last week I was on Spring Break.
  • We could just say I haven't posted because I was on Spring Break.
  • But all I really did was watch Avatar: The Last Airbender and work on homework.
  • All our snow days happened during mid-term week, so I had a lot to work on.
  • I filled out a study guide for my American Lit II class and it ended up being seven pages long.
  • Don't ever take an American Lit class. 
  • Rephrase: don't ever take an American Lit class if you like to have free time.
  • I actually broke out my camera during the break and took some senior pictures of a boy down the street.
  • I'll post some as soon as I get around to editing them. I've only done like, 10. Out of 200.
  • Yikes, I know.
  • BUT I told myself I would not start Book 3 of ATLA until I finished editing them. 
  • Seriously, I think I'm going through Post-ATLA Depression.
  • Okay, maybe not-so-seriously. But I do really want to watch it and see if Zuko and Katara ever get together.
  • I know they won't, but I really really really really really really want it to happen.
  • Apparently they're my OTP.
  • That's a real term. Stands for one true pair.
  • Although they might not be my OTP because I'm fine with her ending up with Aang. 
  • Plus, Kataang is so much more fun that Zutara.
  • Spring is my least-favorite season.
  • My sister gave me all this Indie music and I'm kinda addicted to Of Monsters and Men.
  • Seriously, how come nobody has mentioned them before? I have about 634,893,230 friends that like music like this. I'm disappointed in you. 
  • Yes, you.
  • That number was a rough estimate.
  • I'm debating whether or not I should read Oedipus Rex for my class tomorrow since I read it last semester for another class. 
  • Or I could just try and get through my next reading for American Lit II.
  • Gags.
  • Jenna came to visit me on Monday and brought the best cookies in the world and made me watch the Lizzie Bennett Diaries on YouTube.
  • Now I'm on episode 81.
  • It's a modernized version of Pride and Prejudice in vlog form.
  • I also shouldn't watch anymore of that while there are still 190 unedited pictures sitting on my computer right now.
  • Less difficult than the whole ATLA situation. But let's not get back there.
  • Question: why are there so many more Girl Scout cookies in the Thin Mints box than the Tagalong box?
  • I know they're called peanut butter patties now. But frankly, everyone knows their true identity.
  • And I used to be a Girl Scout, so I possess the right to call them whatever I like.
  • Yeah, it's true.
  • I might just read the synopsis of Oedipus Rex. Problem solved. To Sparknotes!

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  1. Some of that really flew over my head.. yeah.. flew.. but it was quite interesting none the less... :)Mum