Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A [slightly abridged] list of past dreams.

This is a short list of some of my dreams. Not all of the details are 100% correct, as many of them are from years ago. But they are either the ones that I remember the most or that I've written about somewhere. I may or may not add to this as I remember more.

  • I was shopping in Walmart, the CD section. Then out of no where, a Sasquatch turned the corner and walked straight towards me. It wasn't the tall gorilla-type that you normally picture; it was a bit lanky, hunched over, with a small, round face and long streams of fur covering it's entire body. It terrified me so much that I woke up in the middle of the night and had trouble getting back to sleep.
  • You and I shared an apartment. We were not dating, nor were any shenanigans going on. In fact, I told myself it was only temporary until I found another roommate. I had a dog that wasn't potty-trained. And instead of moving into our bedrooms, we both slept on separate couches in the living room.
  • You were alive, but I didn't know how. I was walking in a hall around a courtyard, like something you'd see in Harry Potter. And there you were, but I didn't know how. You smiled at me, and I began to hyperventilate. Don't you know--don't you know that you no longer exist?
  • We were about to go our separate ways; you one direction, I another. We were standing somewhere like a train station and the clock was ticking, but somehow fate had led us into crossing paths before we both continued on with our lives. And we looked at each other, didn't say much, and understood.
  • I was naked in a field, staring at a UFO.
  • There was a library where your house should have been. It was two stories and the ceiling was painted like the Sistine Chapel. And he was alive. He was alive, like a second chance--and I knew I had to do something this time. I would not sit back; I would not be a bystander again. On the top floor  of the library, I tried to find him, to warn him, to stop him, but there were so many people pressed against me that I could hardly breathe. I lost sight of him. By the time I got to the stairs, I knew it was too late. I saw a rope tied around the bars. I rushed down the stairs as fast as I could, feet practically not touching the ground, but I was too late. His body was swinging in front of me.
  • She had been kidnapped and taken to a city in the clouds. I found her there, at the highest point in a tree house. There were two trees very close together and each hand was tied to one, putting her in a position that made her look like she was flying. She was facing down a spiral of twigs below her that formed the face of God with outstretched arms, as though he would catch her should she fall. Below the twigs was a nest of baby owls. Mental torture, you see?--if she were to fall, the model of God would not be able to catch her and she would instead fall through and kill the baby owls, her favorite animal.
  • A baby fell down the stairs and died. The sound of the body hitting the floor made my stomach fall.
  • I fell through a wall and landed in a room with a bunch of people and two dogs staring at me. Each of them were dead--they had pale, almost translucent skin that was was thin over their skeletons. The veins on their arms bulged. The children there liked me--at night, they would cuddle next to me on the floor and I would comfort them. They saw me as hope, and I knew that only I could free them from their prison. I would do anything to help them.
  • It was our marching band's annual ice cream social. You were there, and I invited you to come to church with me sometime. You agreed, smiled, and went on your way.
  • I was sitting in a church. The congregation was large and friendly. You walked in late with your girlfriend, exchanging a funny, loving facial expression with the pastor. I think somewhere inside me, I still knew, but it didn't matter. You were there. You were happy. After you sat down, another walked in, also late.
  • I had died. All of us were in a field, unable to move until they came to you for your signature. They told you to go a certain direction, where you had to fill out a lot of information and take a test that would determine whether or not you got to go to heaven. I wasn't prepared and didn't have the right paperwork with me. I saw papers behind the desk--blue meant you got heaven; green meant not. Some of my closest friends had gotten green. I began taking the test. The first 39 were multiple choice; number 40 was an essay about the different grasses in Missouri. The guy behind the counter assured me knowing this was essential to get into heaven. "You're wrong," I said. "It's by faith."
  • It was in the middle of the night and I came upon a house full of vampires, though I didn't immediately recognize them for what they were. Something happened--I may have gotten bitten on the hand, or scratched. It wasn't conventional, and I remember not knowing whether or not I would become one of them.
  • You and I were friends again.
  • It was the future; I was not myself, but a woman who worked as a prostitute on a spaceship school for the mentally handicapped. There were several different species of humanoids on board, and several had dinosaur-like pets that I had never seen before. One day, people began to die. They thought the pets were responsible and started to exterminate them, but the deaths continued. My persona began to investigate only to find that she was the culprit. She never thought she was on the ship because she, too, had a mental handicap, but she actually had a split-personality.
  • It was post-apocalyptic. Zombies had taken over. I was not myself, but a young woman who had resorted to living among the wilderness. She fought with a spear. Her boyfriend had been missing for several days. One day, she found a zombie in the woods, but did not kill it because it resembled her boyfriend. At closer inspection, she realized it was not him, but still could not kill it because they looked so similar. He lead her to a house where there were a few survivors, but soon the zombies invaded and the lock on their door was broken and all of them knew it would not last long. The girl threw grenades, but it does little as the zombies continue to come at them.