Thursday, April 4, 2013


April 2013 Poem (if you count this as a poem...I'm not sure if I do.) #2:

I used to feel
strongly. Intentionally.
With every cell within me.

Now, my senses
have dulled. Expired.
Conditioned to the world

and all its terror.
Atrocity. Dangers.
I've seen it all before.

I've emerged from
the cave. The sanctuary.
I'm more than a tourist now;

I'm a civilian. I live
here. Breathe here.
I'm part of the mixed company.

The nerves inside me
have died. All used up.
I've forgotten what it is

to feel something. To be something.
To experience something
with innocent eyes.

currently listening to : Wins and Losses by The Daylights