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Favorite Fictional Couples / OTPs

Well, my friend Katy posted a blog earlier about her top 5 favorite fictional couples. I tried, but I can't limit mine to five. It was hard enough to try and put them in order. If you asked me to rank them tomorrow, it will probably be completely different. But here you go, a list of 15 of my favorite couples--from books, TV shows, and film.

P.S. Beware of spoilers.
  • 15.) Gordo and Lizzie
    --Did you love this moment? I loved this moment. From episode 1, the entire Lizzie McGuire fanbase was rooting for Gordo + Lizzie. And the movie did not disappoint us.
  • 14.) Robbie and Cecilia
    --Have you read Atonement? Seen the movie? If you've seen the movie, you've basically read the book. So what is it about these two that make them so undeniable? I could say tragedy. They have their brief moment, and then are torn worlds apart for the rest of their lives. But neither of them move on. They remain latched on to the hope that they might be with each other again, someday.
  • 13.) Dexter and Emma
    --I just read this book (which was pretty fabulous) so these two are fresh on my mind, but even so they deserve recognition. They're story isn't necessary one of romance--it's of friendship. Long, enduring friendship that spans over the course of twenty years, all the while the reader is shouting from afar, "just get together already!" They have such chemistry and understanding between them, which I really admire.
  • 12.) Landon and Jamie
    A Walk to Remember
    --Another great book/movie, though actually I might enjoy the movie more. They're pretty different, actually, but I love how their relationship is portrayed on screen. I mean, how she has a list of things she wants to do before she dies and he helps her do all of those's just so sweet.
  • 11.) Edward and Bella
    --Okay, before you close your browser and run away screaming in the opposite direction, I want to clarify. I know they're cliche and in all reality, probably not the best couple in the world. They have their flaws. And honestly, I kinda hate how their relationship is portrayed in the movies. So why have they found their way on my list? Because when I read the book my freshman year of high school (before there was even talk about a movie), I was dazzled. I was convinced their relationship was the most romantic thing I had ever heard of. But, if you insist that this couple should be removed and replaced by another, I would probably choose Jack and Rose from Titanic, or Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter.
  • 10.) Henry and Clare
    --This was a great book/movie. Not your typical love story, as Henry and Clare's lives are perpetually intertwined, even more so than your typical couple. And being married to a man that spontaneously time travels is hard work. But somehow they manage to overcome it and live happily ever after. For the most part.
  • 9.) Peter and Wendy
    --There's something about Peter and Wendy that has dazzled me since childhood. Maybe it's that he so clearly loves her, but he doesn't exactly know what that means. All I know is that in the book, when they're stranded on the rock and he saves her life by letting her have the kite, my heart melted. Such bravery and chivalry for a boy who refuses to grow up.
  • 8.) Ian and Wanderer
    --Spoiler alertThis movie just came out, but I've been a fan of Ian and Wanderer for a long time. He is the reason why I love The Host so much. He gives her Cheetos. He's just...ahh! I can't even express it fully. But when he says, "I held you in my hands, Wanderer, and you were so beautiful,"I could have died. I mean, how can anything get better than that? It's a shame that line wasn't in the movie.
  • 7.) Laurie and Jo
    --This is one book that I have not gotten around to reading yet, but it's my favorite movie. My family and I watch it every Christmas Eve, which is probably the best tradition in the whole world. [Spoiler alert!] And yes, I know, Laurie and Jo end up with other people and are apparently happy with how their lives turn out. But in my mind, they are meant for each other, and I think a part of him will always be in love with her. Not Amy. Amy can go rot in Europe.

  • 6.) Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey
    --If you didn't alreay know, let me tell you here and now: Grey's Anatomy is my favorite television show. That being said, I'm still like, two seasons behind. I just know that the next season is going to be emotionally taxing and I don't think I'm ready to embrace it. Anyway, Merder. I love them. Even when he was married and didn't tell her. They're just so...yeah. I can't express it, so I'm going to make you watch the "Pick Me Choose Me Love Me" speech:
  • 5.) Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet
    Pride and Prejudice
     --Ah, yes. Can you believe I was completely oblivious to the whole realm of Pride and Prejudice until last summer? Yeah. Poor, deprived little me. But now I have seen the light, which is radiating off of Darcy and Lizzie like the dawning sun.
    ...Was that too cheesy?
  • 4.) Carl and Ellie
    --Because what is more romantic than growing old together? It's what everybody hopes for. And Carl and Ellie go through some rough times. Even so, they persevere. Their love endures. So thank you, Pixar, for showing the younger generation what true love looks like and doing so in 8 minutes without any spoken dialogue.
  • 3.) Cory and Topanga
    --Cory and Topanga, two names that will forever fit together. There's not much else to be said about these two. They're both quirky and completely right for each other. The End.
  • 2.) Zuko and Katara
    --Okay, I know it never happened. But I feel really strongly about them being together. I mean, I love Aang, he's a great guy, but Zuko and Katara just....go together. They just should. My love for them began wayy back in season one when he was trying to trade her mother's necklace for information about Aang. After that, I was hooked.
  • 1.) Nathan and Haley
    Can I get an Amen? From the very first tutoring session, to their first kiss while "I Dare You To Move" by Switchfoot raged in the background, and then [Spoiler alert!] to the speedy marriage + children (p.s. I stopped watching this show after season 5, so I'm not exactly up-to-date), Nathan and Haley have dazzled female audiences for years. Their love is pure. Not perfect, but they are dedicated to each other. It's the stuff of fairy tales. Or TV sitcoms.

P.S. Did I leave anyone out / anyone you think I should add?
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  1. I hated the girl they paired up Zuko with at the end. I didn't believe their relationship one bit.