Tuesday, April 2, 2013

today, today--

Happy April! You all should know by now what that means here on TBR--National Poetry Month. Lots and lots of crappy poems, coming your way!

Okay, honestly, I doubt I'll be able to write as much this year as I have in the past, simply because I've had trouble with poetry lately. But, that doesn't mean I won't put forth some effort. You should, too! And if you absolutely refuse to sit down and write some verses, you can always read some poetry. I'm personally a fan of Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath, but I've also gotten more in Robert Frost this year, as well as some others. Anyone have some suggestions?

Alright, so here's poem #1 of April 2013!

I held your hand
today, today—
beside the trees,
beside the bay.

I loved your eyes
today, today—
but if you loved,
I cannot say.

We dropped our hands
today, today
and realized that
we could not stay.

Since then, ‘today’
is yesterday
and now we have
gone separate ways.

You found a girl
today, today—
you found her hand
and led the way.

And I—I’ve been
away, away—
I’ve found a love—
a love that stayed.

And you—you’ve asked
today, today
for this girl’s hand.
You’ve paved the way

for us to be
a yesterday—
our friendship, lost
beside the bay.

Our lives diverge
today, today—
tomorrow is
your wedding day.

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