Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I heard you there, with your open mind
proclaiming impossibles
into the cool night air.


This is blog post #400.
(that is counting two Daily Words posts marked as drafts from way back when.)

I've been gone awhile. At first it was for finals, then for a break while I was busy moving back into my bedroom, then because I was too exhausted after starting back at LC. But I think it was a good. I worked. I spent time with people I love. I read Life of Pi and started The Great Gatsby. I sat outside in the sunlight. I drank sweet tea and ate home-cooked meals. I slept and rose, I imagined and dreamed.

And I've returned.

To "real-life?" No. Real life is everything I just said, plus this. Real life isn't working and writing and doing. It's that, and everything in-between.

Happy May, everyone.
Happy summer.

Go outside and explore life. =)


P.S. Life of Pi was amazing.