Monday, May 27, 2013

flashback to February.

Random Snow T-Rex that a couple of guys decided to build outside my window.
I just found this in my journal and it made me laugh, so I decided to share it:

Snow. Lots of it. Arguably, the most snow you have ever seen at once. They say ten inches, but after having to dig out your friends' cars along with your own (twice), it feels more like ten feet. You only brought one pair of boots to college with you and they reside inside Dylan's car, across campus, which is too far to walk in this weather without boots on. It was fine because classes were canceled Thursday and Friday and you spent the bulk of your weekend alone in your room reading Jack London stories about people freezing to death and being eaten by wolves up in the Yukon, but now they are calling for another ten inches by Wednesday and you wonder, should they be able to pry the doors open under the weight of all that icy fluff, how on earth you will be able to go anywhere without any boots.
          You also didn't realize that bringing a sled was a rite-of-passage for dorm life and have to be content with merely watching from your dorm window.

--Monday, February 25, 2013