Friday, June 21, 2013

that kitten that you've been hearing so much about.

Meet Willow

Willow is the kitten that we adopted about a month or so ago. My mother rescued her after hearing about a few boys in the neighborhood that had been abusing her. And though I've tried to convey that our home probably isn't the best choice for her (on account of my Dad's allergies and the amount of animals we already care for), Karlee refuses to give her up. And she insisted on naming her "Willow."

I will say though, she is cute. She is a ball of cuteness.
Not to mention hyper, crazy, and spazzy. She can run like the wind. She jumps out of no where and grabs you around your ankles. She has the longest whiskers of any kitten ever. She cries whenever she doesn't get attention. She often chases her own tail. She likes to stand on your shoulders while you walk around. And her little claws are like daggers.


But she is a good kitten and fun to play with. We all love her.


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  1. We need to get her a cat leash.. haha.