Monday, August 19, 2013

My Favorite You

You said, "This is my favorite you,"
with your shoulders back, eyes bright blue--
you knew there were more than two.

I could never quite be like you.
I never quite knew how to--
how to see a face the way you do:
unveil the layers, eyes to soul,
and look through.

Suppose there were more like you--
cry with one, laugh with one,
caring for those different from you,
instead of surrounding ourselves
with something better to do.

You're not the same girl I once knew--
you're taller now, tougher now.
I only wish I knew how to
break this cocoon, become something new,
be everything I see in you.

You are my favorite you.
There's only been one, never two--
I couldn't be me without you.