Sunday, September 22, 2013


you're right,
about me.
that's why i didn't fight.

but i don't know
how to change it,
or how to accept it.

there's something amiss
with me. i'm the outcast,
the pariah,

the one with no friends.
that's what you said,

you kicked me out.
find your own friends,
like children on the playground.

that's what this is, anyway:
a glorified playground.
and i can't find my niche.

i don't blame you.
not completely.
you were right, like i said.

but another part of me
fumbled a little, coughing
up beliefs that we were friends.

but now i know. i was a leech, 
obtaining all my nourishment 
from you, the host, the victim.

part of me was just too caught up 
thinking that we were friends
to realize i was the parasite.