Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grey's Anatomy Challenge

Warning: Spoilers ahead

This is supposed to be a 30-day challenge, but I'm just going to do a blog post with all of it. Easier.

This is everything up to season 10. I tried to include a variety.

Day 1: Favorite male character?
--Henry, even though he's only in a few episodes.

--Of the main cast, George O'Malley
--I'm also a fan of Burke.

Day 2: Favorite female character?
--Meredith Grey

Day 3: Favorite friendship?
--Meredith & Cristina

Day 4: Favorite couple?

--But I also like Lexie & George, if you consider them a couple? I was always rooting for them.
George & Lexie

--Teddy & Henry, 

--and so far I like Alex & Jo 

Day 5: Least favorite male character?
--I really don't know. Maybe Mark Sloan?
--Or Charles Percy
--I don't know. Most of the men are pretty likable.

Day 6: Least favorite female character?
--I might say Izzie. I liked her early on, I truly did, but the longer she was around the more annoyed I got. I just grew to hate her personality.
--Kind of like in this scene. She starts of amazing, but then just gets whiny and annoying. 

--Also Erica Hahn
--and Leah Murphy
--and Jackson's mom. She's annoying

Day 7: Least favorite friendship?
--It's hard to not like a friendship. 
--Maybe April and Reed? They're just complete opposites. Granted, this was before April's character was more developed.

Day 8: Least favorite couple?
--Bailey and Nurse What's-His-Name
--Callie and Hahn
--Alex and April, if they count

Day 9: Favorite actor?
--This one is tough. But I might have to go with T.R. Knight

--But I also think that Eric Dane does a great job, too. 

Day 10: Favorite actress?
--Sandra Oh. She's capable of so many emotions.

--I also think that Sarah Drew does a fantastic job as April Kepner. Her eyes. Gosh.

--Also Chandra Wilson. And Ellen, of course.

Day 11: Favorite season?
--Season Two.
--But Season Three is good, too.

Day 12: Least favorite season?
--Not sure. Probably season 7. Or season 5.

Day 13: Favorite quote?
--there are so many. But "You didn't love her because you don't destroy the people you love" always gets me.

--also this:

One of my favorite quotes.
Day 14: Favorite episode?
--I thought The Music Event episode was amazing.
--when Arizona says "I have a heartbeat." My heart melts.

Day 15: Least favorite episode?
--Not applicable.

Day 16: Favorite elevator scene?
--when this happened:
The Hello Kitty band-aid.
--and this:

--and so, so many more.

Day 17: Favorite surgery?
--when Derek operates on Isaac's inoperable tumor

Day 18: Favorite place in the hospital?
--the scrub room

Day 19: A scene that made you cry?
--Doc's death.

--and Henry's death

--and basically all the time

Day 20: A scene that made you laugh?

Day 21: A scene that made you angry?

Day 22: Most epic Grey's Anatomy moment?

Day 23: The character who you miss the most?
--and Addison

Day 24: Favorite season finale?
--Season Six. Like when this happened.

Day 25: Saddest death?
--Charles Percy. It makes me cry every time, even though I didn't like him. He still didn't deserve to die the way he did.

Day 26: Best dancing scene?

--and oh my gosh, this scene was so amazing:

Day 27: If you were ill, who would you want to be your doctor in Seattle Grace?
--Doctor Bailey, all the way.
Miranda Bailey  Played by Chandra Wilson    POSITION:  Attending    STRENGTHS:  Straightforward; tough; quick-witted.    WEAKNESSES:  Bailey's not known for having many weaknesses, although some colleagues think having a baby has made her less of a doctor, something both she and Dr. Webber disagree with

Day 28: The most underrated character?
--Richard Webber

Day 29: The most overrated character?
--Derek Shepherd

Day 30: Your all-time favorite thing about Grey's Anatomy?