Monday, November 25, 2013

far from home

I know you saw it. But it's okay.
That's been my word for the past three years.
it's okay, it's okay.

[It's not okay. But we all have our vices
and mine is the art of deception.]

I've seen your face when I close my eyes
for longer than I can remember.

But I understand; dreams can never
measure up to reality.

You used to tell me I was afraid of change.
I think the tables have turned.

It's [not] okay.


I could never find a way to capture this in ink, in words,
to capture your eyes and all of their shades--
those truth-seekers, those honorable spheres.

But they have captured me completely;
they have me shackled, blindfolded.
They have me bound to truth.

I feel them on me, everywhere.
I feel it rage within me.
and i think i know that you know.

I cannot shake them; nor can I
say the words and make it real.
I cannot look at them directly anymore,

lest I turn to stone. 
currently listening to: Pray by Blessthefall