Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Magnets & Playlist

we're two magnets
placed apart;
i'm here, you there.
there's the passion,
the urgency
to get to you--
forcing us towards each other,

but there's the space,
the incredible distance
between us, and
everything within
blocks our path,
holds us back--
forcing us into the ground.


There's a lot going on school-wise this week; I just wanted to swing by and post the link to a playlist I made last weekend featuring Vitamin String Quartet. I listened to so. many. songs. before picking out my favorites to add to this. If you like them, check out their page on Spotify--they seriously have so much to listen to there.

I recommend listening with headphones on, quite loudly, while sprawled out on your bed with your eyes closed.

Hope your week is going nicely.


1 comment:

  1. You roped me in with magnets, I was not disappointed =).