Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Quick, Rambling Post that says absolutely nothing of value and that was written due to impending homework.

Before you start anything, you may want to listen to this song,
because I'm listening to it right now
and it's one of my favorites.
but you have to play it really loud
and most of you probably won't like it.

Actually, you should just go and listen to this whole album
because I love it so much.


This weekend
was everything
I could have
ever hoped for.


So, to catch you up, in a very stream-of-consciousness way:
  • I couldn't make it home to celebrate Valentine's Day with Deacon or go bowling with my family for my sister's birthday.
  • It was a real bummer
  • And I had to go 5 weeks without seeing any of them
  • which nearly sent me over the edge.
  • BUT the weather was perfect this weekend and I made it to Rolla just fine.
  • Deacon took me out on a date and we had a great time =)
  • The next day, we went with my bridesmaids to buy their dresses
  • which was also a great time
  • and Jenna got to come, even though she had told me she couldn't and it was a huge surprise and I love that girl so much
  • sometimes my sentences just keep going
  • ANYWAY. 
  • I also got to see my cats and Romeo,
  • who all seemed to remember me. So that's good.
  • And I willingly did a few songs of Just Dance.
  • Karlee recorded me and Deacon, but it will never surface on the internet.
  • because I cannot dance.
  • I thought I had more to say in this, but I'm drawing a blank right now.
  • But I do have a lot of homework that I should be doing...
  • and all I really want to do is to make a post of all my favorite Disney moments
  • And for some reason, I feel like I can sympathize with Zeus right now
  • Also, I know you guys are tired of hearing me go on and on and on about Christina Grimmie,
  • So I'll just leave you with this, which you have undoubtedly seen me post before, but is well worth watching again:
  • And also, I want all of you to watch this next video
  • because everything about it is perfect.
  • the music, the animation, the emotion.
  • And okay, I might have an obsession with Zuko.
  • At least watch the first three minutes.