Friday, February 7, 2014

that name belongs to me.

I heard it today.
Out of context,
but the same syllables--
the same letters.

The sound, so familiar
like catching a favorite smell
in the air. Mouth watering
just at the memory.

My own is so common
and dulled from exposure.
I hear it in a room
and don't even look up.

It was never mine;
it never matched my colors,
my fingerprint.
It was arbitrary

and temporary--
a tag that you cut off
and throw in the wastebasket.
Nothing elaborate.

But yours sounds like
a symphony;
my ears perk up
as if you were there.

I surrender my own--
no qualms, no disputes,
no ties to the identity.
It was never mine,

but yours.
And your name, that name--
I will tie it
around my finger.

That name belongs to me.

currently listening to: Manta Rays by Ludo

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