Tuesday, September 23, 2014




Lately, I've been missing...
--the trinity tree and the bench beside it
--walking to the library every Monday evening
--sitting in my spot at the table in the left wing of the library, hot chocolate in hand
--biscuits and gravy
--my English professors
--my wacky, opinionated English-major friends
--the fog
--the sunsets
--the weird-colored squirrels

I like life in Rolla. I'm enjoying it here.
But I also miss Hannibal.

I never thought I would, honestly. There were so many days that I hated it there, that I felt like I didn't belong there. Days when I felt like I couldn't find a single friend, that I had no one. I went weeks without seeing Deacon or my family. Weeks when I didn't even leave campus. I mostly locked myself up in my room, sleeping or eating Ramen or surfing the Internet. While I was there, I couldn't wait for those two years to be over.

But it grew on me.

But you know, I'll probably miss Rolla in the exact same way.
Just like Hannibal, I have two years before graduating from Missouri S&T, maybe a little longer living here depending on when Deacon graduates, and then we'll be off again. New town. New people. New memories.
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