Sunday, April 12, 2015

in which I post too many photos and discuss my new printer.

I used to have really long hair.

Most of you will know that already, but those who have only met me in the past few months may be surprised. (When I tell this to my friends at Missouri S&T they can't believe it.) I wasn't really allowed to have short hair when I was growing up (though over the years I progressively cut it shorter and shorter), which is why a month after I got married and moved out, I promptly cut it all off.

But I didn't love it like I thought I would. I had gained weight over the year and felt like my face was exposed--there was too much of it and I wasn't able to hide it behind the invisibility cloak of hair. I didn't feel pretty anymore--I consistently felt bad about my appearance. I stopped taking pictures of myself (which doesn't sound like a bad thing, I know, but I'm a photo person, and I'm typically the only subject on hand.)

And it turns out that hair takes a really, really long time to grow back out.

I get it regularly trimmed, but over the last few months I've been letting it get a bit longer.

And on Friday, I was wearing comfy clothes that I felt good in, I was having a good hair day, I was wearing some makeup, and in the first time for a long time, I felt pretty.

So I took some photos and edited them all differently and just had a bit of fun and felt good about it.


other things I accomplished this weekend:
1) I finished my seven-page paper about conversion as a process of word formation and oops it turned out to be ten pages even after cutting out two paragraphs. The life of an English/Tech Com Major.
2) I cleaned the apartment
3) I finally got caught up on laundry
4) I read about ten pages of Paper Towns 
5) I finished watching season two of Switched at Birth
6) I stayed up past 3:30 AM
7) I finally set up my wireless printer.

Let's talk about this printer.

(It is, in fact, wireless--the wire you see is the power cable because our apartment is weird.)

I got it for Christmas from my lovely mother. It's a Canon MX 922 (I think) all-in-one printer...meaning that it also works as a copier, scanner, fax, prints double-sided, and prints photos. It probably does a lot of other things, too, but I haven't figured them out yet.

It has been sitting in the corner of our living room, still in all its wrappings, for four months.

I was bored out of my mind last night (Deacon went back to our hometown this weekend to pick up his car...and I have no idea how I lived alone for two years before we got married) so I thought I'm going to take the wrappings off of that printer.

Some tears, a scraped leg, and three hours later, I'm screaming at the computer saying that the Canon IS ALREADY CONNECTED TO THE NETWORK AND WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO?

But I figured it out (totally wasn't the fault of Canon--the instructions they provided were awesome. I blame Deacon's fancy router that hides buttons in weird places). 

So of course I had to test the printer, including printing double-sided, the copier, the scanner, and the photo quality--because Canon included a few samples of 4x6 photo paper with the purchase and have I mentioned how much I like Canon?

Also, I might appear as a moderately intelligent human being, but don't let that fool you--complete idiocy is my natural state.

The first trial run went terribly. Silly me, even when the computer warned me ahead of time, put the photo paper in upside-down (*facepalm*) and had the settings all messed up. But the second run went much, much better. I'm really impressed with the quality of it--it's much better than the cheap printers at Walgreens or Walmart (as it should be. printer + photo paper + ink/toner = expensive). 

You guys should have told me to get one a long time ago!

And I was wondering--do any of my photography friends have preferences when it comes to printing? Do you sell prints of sessions, and if so, for how much? Do you prefer a certain type of paper or ink?

It's something I'd like to find out more about for the future. =)

Hope you guys are having a great Sunday. I must now leave blogland for awhile and enter the realm of grading papers. Wish me luck, or at least wish me competence and determination.

P.S. I HATE the way APA style has you write titles. Only capitalizing the first word of the title and subtitle? What is this madness? MLA for life!

Bonus: I found the English major side of Youtube and it is glorious.

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  1. YOU ARE GORGEOUS. THAT IS ALL. Well, that's not all. *ahem* Your photos are also spectacular and I'm very envious of your hair colour. ;-) Loooove. xD I used to have mega-long hair too!! I don't know why, but growing up, we always all had long hair too. I think it was an expense thing too, like we didn't have to pay for cuts if we just grew our hair long? So I had it past my waist for like 18 years of my life. (hah, okay not when I was a toddler, but you get the picture). Now it's above my shoulders and I LOVE THAT but one day I want to be super uber brave and get a pixie cut. Or something. XD

    Good luck with your printer! Printers always hate me. I'm constantly crying to my dad to fix it. He's a computer geek thank goodness or I'd be dead.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and for saying such nice things! I will say that a pixie cut has definite benefits (which I might discuss in a post sometime soon), but it's hard to get used to. I keep pinning hair tutorials on Pinterest only to remember that I can't do them! I almost bought elastic hair bands while at the store last week before I remembered that it will be months before I can use them. And my hair has been like this since August!

    I was determined to set up the printer by myself. My husband is majoring in computer science (+ computer engineering + electrical engineering. He's an ambitious guy) and he always does everything related to technology, so I wanted to prove to myself that I'm not useless. =)