Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ten 2016 releases I meant to read

It's time for a Top Ten Tuesday! This week I'll be looking back at books that I intended to read last year but never did...because I'm awful and a procrastinator and also rely on reviews so it's hard to know what releases to look forward to. And I don't read ARCs so I'm at the mercy of people enjoying things before me.

This week's topic: Top Ten 2016 Releases I Meant To Read But Didn't Get To (But TOTALLY plan to)


A Gathering of Shadows // V.E. Schwab
I finished reading A Darker Shade of  Magic at the end of December, so didn't really have time to get to A Gathering of Shadows. I'm hoping to finish it before A Conjuring of Lights comes out next month, though!

Dark Matter // Blake Crouch
For some reason I bought this audiobook forever ago after seeing some moderate reviews over it. I know absolutely nothing about it but I like the cover and it's been sitting on my phone ready to be listened to for months now.


The Many Selves of Katherine North // Emma Geen
Much like Dark Matter, I basically bought this on audible because I had a credit, like the cover, and it sounded pretty good, but I never got around to listening to it!

We Are the Ants // David Shaun Hutchinson
Saw a lot of good things about this, but my book-buying ban prevented me from buying it. I got it for Christmas, though, so it'll be coming up soon!


The Female of the Species // Mindy McGinnis
Like We Are the Ants, this book looks really intriguing but my book-buying ban prevented me from buying it when it came out. 

Alice and the Fly // James Rice
I have been wanting to read this for freaking ever. I couldn't find it anywhere, though, and then realized that even though it was published in the UK in 2015, it wasn't published in the US until May 2016. I still haven't been able to read it yet!


Buffering // Hannah Hart
I haven't watched Hannah Hart very much or anything, but she guest starred on an episode of Dear Hank & John and she seemed pretty cool and John kept going on and on about how great her new book is so...

The Sun Is Also a Star // Nicola Yoon
I didn't read Everything Everything. I really just want to read this because I love that cover.


Pax // Sara Pennypacker and Jon Klassen
I wanted to read this, but I'm afraid that it's going to be sad so I put it off and never did. 

Exit, Pursued by a Bear // E. K. Johnston
I haven't seen a lot of buzz about this or anything, but the cover is really beautiful and that title really intrigues me.


What 2016 did you plan to get to but never did?